Awesome Meta-Learning Experiences for young adults (instead of the usual expensive college experience)

Uncollege Gap Year

Watson University

Thiel Fellowship

Unreasonable at Sea

The Minerva Project

-live video, allows us to rethink the campus experience instead we’re exposing the students to the best of what the world has to offer.

-more globally connected, return to critical thinking, technology to incorporate research findings on how students learn.    Ri, Mumbai, immersed in the city and taking live video…

Founding class with be taught by deans…first year curriculum is special.  And faculty will hired on three year faculty.

18+ or minus a year or two here or there.

Founding class won’t pay tuition for 4 years and


founding class 15-20.  Students pay travel costs…travel starts.  Structured gap year, doing internships with Minerva.  Second incoming class (300), third class comes to SF while the 1 and 2nd class go to Rio and a likely London.  Taking classes based on interests.  Social Sciences…planning to have local and residential staff in each city to aid the transition.  Folks on the ground to help with academic services.  Diverse student population.

Founding Class.

Focused on critical analysis, creative thinking, effective communication.   Once they’ve gone through the courses the first year they’ll have to use them and be accountable for them.  Fundamental Habits.  Fridays (get involved in community).  Internships.  Tech Hub, Startup Hub., model UN, etc.  We’re looking for pioneers, not the types of students that are going to be sitting on FB while they’re in Hong Kong.


Watson…social entrepreneurship

Global Leaders…means different things to different people.  Think globally and be leaders in their field.  Non-profits, academia, focus on what a liberal arts university should be if it were designed from scratch night now.  Whatever they go into, the jobs having been created yet so they need certain skills.

Who Should Apply,

Application is on website.  It’s a little different from typical application process.  INtellectual assignments designing in house that looks at what starndarized testing should measure but doesn’t.  Accomplisments.  Live writing sample and interview.

Global Leaders.  Someone who is brave and willing to go into tough urban centers that are often forgotten.  Willing to get into, higher, moral development,  people who are going to create bridges between cultures.

The Millenial Trains Project