About the Book



This book will change lives and is a must read for every parent who is committed to raising a life-long learner.

Lisa Betts-LaCroix challenges the notion that “content is king” and that learning is best passed down from above; she encourages readers to think of education as a never-ending self-directed journey instead of the conveyer-belt experience too often found in our modern institutions. Written for learners of all ages and regardless of schooling status, this book is an effective guide for autodidacts, independent learners, homeschool families and even families who use traditional school but want to nurture more self-direction.

The book contains an overview of the current state and future of education as well as practical tips, methods, exercises, and resources to support parents in helping their children learn skills like building a mentor network, self-advocacy, communication, social-emotional efficacy, organization, content curation, time-management, data literacy, and goal-setting.

Betts-LaCroix will rekindle student and parent’s passion for knowledge, encouraging the whole family to work together to pursue mastery, personal growth, self-understanding and life-design as part of their customized learning journey. The biggest gift a parent can give a child is to support personal responsibility and efficacy. Nowhere is this more crucial than in the skill of learning since knowing how to learn will be the most important meta-skill of all. Envision a future of independent course work, relevant personal projects, art endeavors, community service, travel-learning, apprenticeships and entrepreneurialism as the venue for self-directed learning.

Knowing who you are and what you want in life –and especially embracing the conviction that both matter and are within your control– are the keys to deep learning, and real happiness. And self-education is the key to self-empowerment.


By reading this book parents will discover:

  • Why Self-direction is critical
  • The confidence to create an education that best suits you (and yours)
  • Why the Millenial Generation is different (and the same)
  • How to mentor independent, confident thinkers and learners.
  • How to Build a Family Learning Culture that nurtures self-directed learning
  • How to use the Meta-Learning Action Plan (MAP) to build a plan customized to you and your family
  • Tools to use NOW, which can also be applied to any challenge, and topic in any situation
  • Renewed excitement and new possibilities for living and learning on your terms.